Q:How do I buy?


  1. Select the product
  2. Add the product in the required quantity to the shopping cart
  3. Click on the auto-redirect/upper right corner to enter the shopping cart page to view the shopping list
  4. After confirming that the products on the page are correct, click "checkout"
  5. Select and confirm " pickup " After " Method" , click "Checkout"
  6. Fill in "Contact Method", "Delivery Address" and "Gift Card/Promotion Code" (if any)
  7. Choose a payment method and fill in relevant information. After checking the order content and total price, After confirming that the personal information is correct, you can click "Pay" to complete the shopping.

Q:What is the validity period of the products sold in the store?

Answer: The validity period of the goods is 9 months or more.


Q: Are the products all sold in Malaysia?

Answer: As the list of products currently sold are continuously being updated, please refer to the actual product display in the store.


Q: How do I check logistics information?

Answer: After the product is delivered, the product delivery information will be notified to the customer by email, and the customer can also log in to the E-Shop account to view the waybill number and logistics information. If the customer fills in the correct contact phone number during checkout, the logistics order number will also be sent by SMS. Detailed information can be used to log in to the logistics company's official website for logistics information or call the logistics company for information.