Our Research

Because our main focus and drive at Swisse is to help support your quest to lead a healthier life, it’s only right we invest in the most up-to-date and independently verified scientific research out there. Because only then can we create the very best vitamin and supplement products for you.

Research Development and Partnerships

We are proudly committed to the development of research in vitamins and supplements, nutraceuticals and complementary health. And our research partnerships are very important to us too. From collaborations with the foremost academic research universities and world-leading researchers, to Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral projects for researcher-led inquiry.

We also work closely with a Scientific Advisory Panel – a team of forward-thinking academics, scientists and leading clinicians. This not only helps to formulate new products but also to educate the business on emerging research, population-specific health concerns and areas where complementary health may assist.

Innovations in Complementary Health

We support complementary health innovation through the bi-annual Health Symposium (a complementary health compendium for the dissemination of complementary health research) in Australia.

This approach to research aims to create a distinct industry standard for complementary health overall – like our research into key lifestyle factors and the positive role complementary health can play in areas such as; cognitive health, cardiovascular diseases, musculoskeletal disorders and mental and digestive health.